Upcoming Caravan

We have three homes available for Realtors this Thursday.


One is a Greystone Home of 2,601 s.f. for $449,000 ($173/s.f.)


One is Out-of-the Covenant, on Vista Montanoso of 4,370 s.f. on 2.45 acres for $775,000. ($177.35/ s.f.)


One is Out-of-the Covenant on Meadow Mesa Dr. of 3,606 s.f. on 2.55 acres for $875,000. ($243/s.f.)


I will report on my observations of these properties on Thursday.


Meanwhile we have another three awaiting the Sellers permission to see their properties. Sometimes homes are listed before they are truly “ready” in hopes of catching the “just ripe Buyer.”




August 19 Update

Absolutely NOTHING happened yesterday, which will be the case on many days in Hidden Meadows. The market is slow, the community is small — still, there are many categories that could be reported including New Listings, Back on Market, Expired, Withdrawn, etc. so you might think that usually there would be something to report.

When there isn’t anything to report, I’ll try to make Buying and Selling suggestions.

August 18 Update

In the past 72 hours there have been two new listings, both under $480,000 and both are about 1,800 square feet. Neither is a “Short Sale” or Foreclosure.

The home I closed last week sold at $477,500 and was of about the same size, so the two new listings do not appear to be out of the normal price range.

In all likelyhood, Hidden Meadows Realtors will have their regular “Caravan: of newly listed homes this Thursday. We rotate the responsibility for this activity. We did not have a Caravan last week because there were only two new listings available, and we will not have a Caravan for fewer than three homes.

Not all new listings are prepared for 5-7 Realtors to see their homes, so sometimes we must wait for several weeks to see a home.

If anyone has a particular type of home they want me to keep an eye out for, please let me know.