August 21 MLS Update

There was zero MLS activity in the Meadows today. No price changes, no new listings, no pendings, no anything. Just quiet.

Great Thursday Caravan!

This was an interesting Caravan. There was one “Short Sale” in the newer homes of the Greystone development, where a short sale would be expected since all of those homes were bought at the top of the market. Unlike many short sales, where the Owners have not had sufficient funds to keep up their payments, this home is well maintained.


The four other homes were all homes of long-time, established residents in executive level homes who must move down or closer to family.


The homes are all well-priced for this market, and all are move-in ready. One has a view so spectacular that I am glad my Valley Center listing that proclaims “Best View on the Market?” has that question mark because the view listing on Meadow Mesa Drive is absolutely incredible! For $875,000 that single level home is a bargain. At $243/s.f. this is a bargain in many different directions.


The new listing on Glenmeade for $645,000 is an excellent buy in any market – the quality of the construction and the love and care just jumps out at you from the moment you enter the front door. I could live in this home. The only drawback to this home is the proximity to the Meadows pool and parking lot. It is many feet away, and can’t be heard in the home, but I suspect that it can be heard on the decks if there is a party at the pool.


The home on Vista Montanoso works out to $177 s.f. and that is a bargain in any market, but only for people wanting more than 4,000 s.f. of home in a very private setting. This is a lot of home for the money, with a large useful acreage and with agricultural water!


The home on Alps Way has huge views of Turner Lake, and great privacy on more than 5 acres. It is Southwestern design, but at $400 s.f. with no garage, that home is not a bargain except for those seeking not privacy but remote.


What home suits which Buyer is never easy, and which home is really a bargain is subjective, but I am not above expressing my opinion. Believe me, all Realtors make those remarks privately to each other, but I have the luxury of candor.


All in all, this was a good Caravan with interesting homes. We had nine local Realtors on the Caravan, and as much as anything else Caravan is a social activity for Meadows Realtors, most of whom are very friendly.


When I first came to the Meadows it was to retire, not to go back into real estate. The local Realtors at that time were at each others throats. Each major Realtor was literally in lawsuits with other Realtors.


Those days are long gone. When I go on a listing appointment I take the business cards of three of my competitors to recommend that they too be interviewed – that is how friendly we are. I actually like my competitors, and Caravan is just another social time for many of us.


We ride in each other’s cars so we can visit! That is unusual in any community.