October 06 MLS Update

Over the weekend there were 18 new listings in the Zip. Well, “new” is always relative – one Meadows home on Tricia Place that has  been on before has come back. 4,000 s.f., four bedrooms/four baths for $799,000.


Fourteen homes in the Zip went into Pending, five listings closed escrow and 15 had price changes – but none in any category in the Meadows.


The Meadows just remains quiet.

Still Awaiting the Turnaround

Most people seem content to stay where they are these days.

That is as it should be in this market, and the “normal” market will not resume until there is confidence — but there will then be a pent-up demand, because it still snows in Minnesota, and the summer heat is terribly intensive in Arizona, and the hurricanes continue to hit the Gulf Coast, and …

Southern California remains the best place to live in America, and America remains the best place to live in the world. Just be thankful.

I am the Caravan Master this month, and so far there is only one potential (Cliff Krueger’s old home) so it looks as if we will pass this Thursday unless there is something going on about which I do not know. That is always possible, just unlikely.