A Community Concern

This Blog is about real estate, but I have a few comments about the quality of life in the Meadows and anything that threatens our community concerns me.


I attended almost every meeting of the Deer Springs Fire Board for a year, and I support Laurel Nicholson and Bob Frey in the next election. There has been dissention on that board from the very beginning, and there still is – but these two are the most qualified, by far.


The election has turned nasty, and both candidates have been accused of supporting Stonegate. There is absolutely no truth to that, and in fact I do not know of anyone who supports that project.


There is a small group of very loud people who oppose the Stonegate project to the point of obsession, and to them anyone with less feverish fervor must support Stonegate.


That of course is nonsense, but to jihadists everyone else is an infidel.


Yes, small minds exist in our relatively tranquil community as well.