October 8, MLS Update

Seven new listings in the Zip, but none in the Meadows.


Fifteen price changes, but none in the Meadows.


Eleven homes went into Pending, but none in the Meadows.


Six homes closed escrow, and ONE WAS IN THE MEADOWS! (We had to break up what was otherwise an awful day! The home that closed was a brand new, 4,001 s.f. home that sold for $1,200,000 – after it had been on the market for 478 days!


So, I guess there is hope for high priced homes…

Same Old, Same Old

No one knows what all of the maneuvering with the prime rate reductions, the lawsuits to stop foreclosures, or the bailout of the Wall Street idiots will do.


The markets are driven by confidence, and right now there is a distinct lack of that. Neither major candidate has a clue.


Whoever wins the next election CAN start with a new slate, but I don’t see either one telling us what is their plan, or who will be in their Cabinet in whom we can rationally have confidence.


Both Democrats and Republicans have a habit of filling their advisor posts with the same worn-out hacks that have always inhabited Washington.


I don’t think that is going to hack it.