If you are anything like me, you have NOT been happy with your “Hands free” automobile device.


I have bought three from COSTCO and none have been satisfactory.


I finally looked on-line for a recommendation from “The Tech Guy” (Leo Laporte) and on his recommendation I ordered a “Blue Ant Hands-Free” on-line from


I have had it for two weeks and am more than happy with it!

Bet You Didn’t Know

The only Bentley GT in the Meadows, a client and friend of mine, has just been traded for an Aston Martin DB9!

I envy the owner! Would that I could!

General Housing Analysis

As a Realtor who is tech savy (I spent 14 years as a Core Adjunct Prof. of Computer Science), I am on everyone’s e-mail list.

So, in today’s list came a home advertised “Desperate Seller Must Sell” — and that defines the problem in the market: Normal people in normal homes cannot compete with “Desperate Seller ” who must sell. The desperate Seller can always, and will always, undercut your price.

That is why no one should sell in this market unless they are prepared to get beaten up on their price. Obvioulsy, the longer this housing recession remains the more people who feel they must sell will place their homes on the market.

The only good news is that investors are planning on future profits by buying now at depressed prices, and while you might think that first-time home buyers would be heavily in the market, they are not.

First, they do not have the money for the down-payment, they do not have confidence in the general economy that they will have future jobs, and they are reasonably comfortable where they are — standing pat. They are in no rush because they belie3ve that the large inventory will continue well beyond the general upturn in the housing market and the general economy.

Unfortunately, they are right.

MLS Update for March 30

The past 48 hours has been…ahhh, Dull. That is the best description – dull. The Zip Code has had eight new listings (none in The Meadows). There were only three homes into Pending, and three homes closed escrow. (Again, none in The Meadows.)


That seems to be the norm for weekends, Dull.

Restaurant Recommendation

Everyone has their own favorites, but I will share mine.


When Jean and I go to Valley Center, which we have done a LOT while selling a beautiful home there, we try to stop at Portino’s on Valley Center Road.


It has been made difficult by the road construction in Valley Center.


(Personally, considering the time that road has been under construction, I think they hired the Kauai Highway Department to pave that road! But that construction is almost complete.)


Portino’s is a new name, and under new ownership. We have been eating there for years. It used to be called Pepperoni’s – and the menu is expanded but not substantially changed. The only thing I notice is that the ingredients appear to be fresher.


The menu is primarily Italian – and the ravioli is spectacular, but I also love the spaghetti and meatballs. The salads are terrific, and we buy the Blue Cheese dressing in large cups for home. (The purpose of a salad is to hold Blue Cheese dressing.)


We also but their meat sauce — only because we can’t get to Portino’s as often as we want.


If you like wine, I can commend the White Zinfandel – it is Cypress White Zin.

Additions to This Blog

One of the hardest things to do in marketing is to establish a pipeline for distribution, and in the era of the internet Blogs are a pipeline for communication.


I am going to expand this Blog to include information other than simple real estate, to include information that is interesting to people who live, or wish to live in Hidden Meadows.


To some extent, I did that with a series called “Bet You Didn’t Know” but I will expand that. One of the reasons is that a lot of Hidden Meadows homeowners also rely on this Blog.


The information available on this Blog will still concentrate on real estate – that after all is how I make my living – but people who live here have certain advantages, and certain disadvantages.


Everyone knows the advantages, and if you live here you soon learn the disadvantages, for example we do not have a readily available set of restaurants to select from, or an easy to drive to car wash.


So, future Blogs will address recommendations.



The Week in Review

All indications, locally and nationally are that sales are picking up. tracks the number of people each week who click on our listings, and I see a steady rise in the eyeballs on my listings – and that presages lookers and that in turn Buyers.

During the past week, 31 homes were listed in the Zip Code, 22 went into Pending, and 18 closed escrow. One home in The Meadows went into Pending, and one closed escrow.

And, just today I got a refi locked in a 4.6% (30 years) for my own home. Sweet!

Since the “Stimulus Plan” has not had a chance to set in, the beginning of the recovery appears to be a natural reaction to a downturn – and that is a slowly developing built-up demand, followed by a recovery. Only the general economy is providing a brake on the housing recovery.

There are always people who MUST sell. There are always people who want to buy. When banks/lenders facilitate the process, everything works; when banks/lenders balk, nothing happens. Lenders were badly hurt by their own hand in the last bubble, proving to me that all wounds are self-inflicted.

There are people who belong in jail; Realtors, loan agents, underwriters, bank executives, and yes, politicians. If someone made me King For a Day, I would have a new Tent City built in the Mojave Desert and hire Sheriff Joe to oversee the people discovered by forensic investigators who find, and courts who sentence, those idiots. They have caused harm to may people.

If President Obama wants to increase employment, lets go after the people who caused this problem through what can only be called fraud.