Ice Cube

No, not frozen water — but a computer flash drive with propriatary software to let you keep your medical data, and photos of your home for insurance.

A Meadows resident, Tom Francl of South by Southwest, has developed this useful device. I have one and commend it to you — the name comes from those in the past who kept their medical data in the freezer so that Paramedics could easily find it.

Now, you can keep it with you, for exampole on a lanyard around your neck, and should you be involved in an automobile accident, have a stroke or heart attack, or if we should face another wildfire — your data and insurance and photos are secure. 749-9161

Weekly Analysis

The ratio of sales to listing has turned poor over the past seven days – 17 Pendings to 29 new listings in the Zip Code .


For the past few months we have usually had almost as many “sales’ as new listings, indicating that investors have taken off most of the new listings, and in point of fact almost EVERY new listing below $350,000, then perhaps what we are seeing is that we have run out of investors with interest in further investing.


Of the 17 homes that went into Pending, three were at the $450,000 or greater, and of the 17 homes that completed a sale through escrow, again three were at or above $450,000.


Actually, that is a lower sale rate for investment level homes below $350,000 and a better sales rate for “normal” homes above $450,000.


I just hope it indicates a sea change in Buyers from low-cost homes and into the regular market.


I know that I have sold my Valley Center home (listed at $729,900) TWICE in the past month, after not having an offer on the home in more than 18 months.


Springtime probably means slightly more listing and sale activity in The Meadows. Loan rates are very favorable.