Today’s Caravan

img_1551One home, on Rocky Point was stricken from the Realtors Caravan today, but most of us know that house well. It is beautiful, on acreage (2.7 acres) and with a pool, but we will see it again soon.


In fact, all of the homes on the Caravan were nice – I hope that means we are nearly through with the abandoned foreclosures, or semi-maintained short sales.


The home on Indian Creek is beautifully done and well maintained – large (3,222 s.f), expandable, good views, acreage (1.14 acres), privacy…its only drawback is that it is down an amazingly badly designed driveway, but if one can overcome that it is one heck of a buy. When that home was being built, I talked the builder into lining the driveway with palms because although one could hardly drive off the edge, the driveway needed to be bordered to make people FEEL safe. It is the first few feet that are disconcerting because the driveway drops off rapidly and you cannot immediately see where you are going. If you can avoid the immediate visual shock – this is one terrific buy!.


(It is a genetic proclivity that I emphasize my opinions of the negative aspects of a home – because people generally exclude homes based on certain identifiable items. While not all aspects I note as drawbacks are NECESSARILY drawbacks for EVERYONE, they need to be noted so those who share my concern for drawbacks will not waste their time.)


The home on Meadow Glen Way West is the personal home of a local Realtor. It is immaculate, well appointed and maintained. Its drawbacks are that it is two story and has a small back yard.


The home on Rim Road was the only home in which Jean and I have never been. It has everything going for it: Single-story, beautiful golf course frontage and views; quiet, cul-de-sac upscale street; beautifully appointed, and decorated in Bed and Breakfast style. Drawback: Tile on the kitchen counters – a small drawback for this outstanding home. (Photos attached.)


All in all, a great Caravan.  Not a “dog” in the lot!



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