Scam Time

If you get an official-looking letter in the mail about “Property Tax Reassessment” be aware that whatever they can do for $179, you can do for free!

Free is better by a whole boatload!

Caravan Tomorrow

We have a Realtors Caravan tomorrow, and I will report on them after we have completed the caravan.


29095 Rocky Point

(rural acreage)


2.7 acres





28540 Meadow Glen Way W



.25 acres





9610 Indian Creek Way


$599,000 – $629,000

1.14 acres





10923 Rim



.25 acres


3/ 2


The Rim home, in particular, looks interesting. That home should be on the golf course, and should be single level. If its condition is excellent, that may be an interesting home.

If there are any interesting photos for any of the homes being featured tomorrow, I’ll upload photos. Those photos will only be available for a week or so because of space limitations.

I’ll take them down to put up new ones when we have another Realtor Caravan.

Local School Information

Just developing a few statistics for a column, and thought you might be interested in a few factoids:


(School-year 2007-08) Average teacher salary actually paid: Poway ($69,527); Highest actually paid: ($87,318).


(School-year 2007-08) Average teacher salary actually paid: Escondido Union High ($63,842); Highest actually paid: ($88,320).


(School-year 2007-08) Average teacher salary actually paid: Escondido Union Elementary ($63,892); Highest actually paid: ($86,393). >


(School-year 2007-08) Average teacher salary actually paid: San Marcos Unified ($65,977); Highest actually paid: ($88,329).


It’s Garden Time

One of the best recommendations I can make, as a veteran gardener in Hidden Meadows, is how to kill snails and slugs — and the answer is to go to Grangettos in Escondido, and buy a 20 pound bag of Metaldehyde.

Yes, it is expensive but it will last several years (as many as 5) and as a granular with the approximate size of sand, it is unlikely to be eaten by dogs and cats — but it really kills snails and slugs.

This time of year you can lose a lot of plants to snails.  If you are going to live here for a long time, as we have, you will know to buy in bulk.

One More on Car Washing

If you have a dusty car, or one with a few water spots or handprints, a Kozak Cloth has worked for me for fifty years. It is near magic, and can be bought in some car stores and easily by mail order. (6 South Lyon Street, Batavia, NY 14020.)

It’s Car Wash Time! (Or Not!)

My cars need to stay clean, but they have not seen a car wash in years.

Products from Mothers and Meguiar’s do a fantastic job without water. They not only save money, and water — they save TIME,

I can do in 10 minutes what takes almost two hours, when considering drive time to and from a local car wash.

Things Are Better

Using DataQuick data.  is reporting that  Home Sales ‘Getting Towards Healthy “


“Home sales in the county were up 43 percent year-over-year in March, totaling 3,020 for the month, according to the latest MDA DataQuick numbers released yesterday.

March’s sales total was an increase of 22 percent from February, and marked the ninth consecutive year-over-year increase in the number of homes sold…”


Just another indication that all may not be well, but it certainly is better.