Deluded Buyers

There was an interesting article in the North County Times about the problems experienced with trying to buy a short sale or foreclosure.

Duh! If it was easy and made money everyone would do it.

Buyers intending to take advantage of foreclosures and short sales are deluded if they think they can compete with investors who buy and rent for a living.

It is swimming with sharks.

If an unsophisticated buyer hopes to compete, they should contact a Realtor who REALLY knows the neighborhood they are interested in, and seek out the homes that have not yet gone into distress sale. The Buyer can get a home competitive with short sales without competing with an investor or dealing with an overloaded bank. (The Buyer can also save a Seller from a ruined credit rating.)

Once listed in the short sale and foreclosure lists, the investors are on the case, and it is too late.