Communications in The Meadows

One of the useful e-mail alerts available in the Meadows is Tom Francl’s newsletters. It provides news like lost dogs, vandalism, and the occasional crime. It also alerts Meadows residents as to planned events. This is a real benefit to the community, and if you are interested please send him an e-mail and subscribe. Subscribe at:

The monthly newspaper, The Meadowlark, is a terrific newspaper, edited by Sally Langpap a talented and hard-working Editor. It takes a HUGE amount of volunteer work to put this newspaper out, and it is worth reading – every issue. It is mailed to every resident in The Meadows by the Association of Resident Owners (ARO) whether they are members or not.

The e-mails from Tom fill in where there is “Breaking News” that cannot await the next edition of a monthly newspaper.

This is a terrific combination. At one point I had a section of my HUGE website dedicated to an on-line newspaper which I intended to publish for The Meadows, but it was premature and actually a Blog would be a better modern design.

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