The Week In Review

There were 20 new listings in the Zip Code, but only one from The Meadows – a HUGE buy on Cavalier Court. Cavalier Court is a short sale and more than 4,500 s.f. on 2.16 acres for $539,000. That might be a steal! Executive and Luxury level homes at prices this low are jumping off the market in less than a week!

There were 21 homes in the Zip Code that went into Pending, and four of them were in The Meadows. That is a high sales week for any market, at any time of year.

A home on Fallen Tree closed escrow at $309,900. That was the only closing in the Meadows, of the nine that closed in the Zip Code this past week.

The sales prices are low – but there are a large number of sales taking place.

I can now announce that I have finished the website for the Meadows Homes Association. It is live and running normally. I did it and will maintain it as a volunteer, because this community runs on volunteer work The website is, and it has the By-laws of the association, architectural guidelines, and the CC&Rs, as well as contact information for the association. The website also has the Agenda for the upcoming Board Meetings and the Minutes for the previous Board Meeting.

One of the useful e-mail alerts available in the Meadows is Tom Francl’s newsletter. It provides news like lost dogs, vandalism, and the occasional crime. It also alerts Meadows residents as to planned events. This is a real benefit to the community, and if you are interested please send him an e-mail and subscribe. Subscribe at:

The monthly newspaper, The Meadowlark, is a terrific newspaper, edited by Sally Langpap a talented and hard-working Editor. It takes a HUGE amount of volunteer work to put this newspaper out, and it is worth reading – every issue. It is mailed to every resident in The Meadows by the Association of Resident Owners (ARO) whether people are members of ARO or not. But at $20 a year, EVERYONE should be a member!

The e-mails from Tom fill in where there is “Breaking News” that cannot await the next edition of a monthly newspaper. And, of course my Real Estate blog gives daily information on items related to living in The Meadows, but concentrating on real estate matters. If I do not cover information you need, send me an e-mail at

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