MLS Update and Analysis

I don’t think that there is a strike on the part of real estate writers to avoid their favorite subject, but they apparently are taking a summer vacation

They have stopped opining. They are probably sanguine with the market. It seems fairly simple – the lower part of the market is stable and increasing, even “hot,” and the upper market is increasing in sales and diminishing in price.

Now, Ii am a bit of a cynic. There is a moratorium on foreclosures, as if one was needed. Note to the Governor: BANKS DON’T WANT TO FORECLOSE BECAUSE IT FLOODS THE MARKET AND DRIVES DOWN THE VALUE OF THEIR CURRENT INVENTORY!

Oh well. And if you think it’s bad to try to sell a home now, there are provisions in the recently passed (but unread)  Cap and Trade Bill that will establish energy standards that will be required before you can sell your home! That provision may not survive the Senate because, unlike the House, the Senate will have the time to actually READ the bill! They probably wont, but they have time.

There are other onerous provisions as well, but that one caught my eye because it has always been the law that in the State of California one need not update their homes to meet standards passed since it was built, with certain exceptions like strapping waterheaters.

Just hope that the Senate has more sense – but if you are counting on politicians to protect you…well…

In the past 72 hours, the numbers were good in the Zip Code: Four new listings, 12 Pendings!

How’s them apples!

One home in the Meadows went into Pending, and that was on Meadow Mesa, at a list price of $698,000. That is good news – that a relatively high priced home (in this market) went into pending. How good it really is depends on the final sales price, but still…

Seven homes closed in the Zip Code but none were in the Meadows.

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