MLS Update June 30

In the past 24 hours, there have been six new listings in the Zip Code, eight homes went into Pending, and four homes closed.

There was zero activity in The Meadows.

Go Solar

As those who know me fully understand, I am not interested in “saving the planet,” because I don’t believe it is in peril. (Except from liberal politicians seeking more government power.)

I DO believe in Global Warming, since history tells me that New York City was under 1,000 feet of glacial ice just 20,000 years ago. I am glad the planet has warmed since then. But I am an Anthropological Global Warming Agnostic.

My personal interest is in getting the US off the dependency of foreign oil for nationalistic reasons – and doing it by ANY means necessary: Drilling, nuclear, wind, solar…you name it.

I would personally go solar electric except that my actuarial table expires before my ROI would cut in and I could enjoy any tangible benefit.

Solar Electric is my recommendation as an investment for everyone in the Meadows who expects to live here for at least whatever their personal ROI is in solar electricity.

You can determine your Return on Investment time period by going to and take their FULL audit.

There are other things you can do that help. There are probably zero homes in The Meadows that do not NEED several SolarTubes – we had four of them put in more than 10 years ago, and they are magic. They were not put in because I was or am “green” – they were put in to solve a darkness problem with natural light, and EVERYONE needs several of them. They are CHEAP for what they do.

We have also had solar hot water on our last two homes for a total of 37 years, because we live in San Diego, just about the sunniest place on the face of the earth!

Solar Electric is a newer technology, but it is a reasonable investment for a lot more people in the Meadows than are currently using it. There are even rental plans now being made available that preclude the necessity of a substantial upfront cash investment.

It’s certainly worth an examination.