MLS Update July 2

There have been three new listings in the Meadows in the past 48 hours: A single story on Galatea, 2,297 s.f. for $500,000; a $1,100,000 home (4,142 s.f. on 1.14 acres)  on Engleman Oak; and short-sale on Oak Spur for  $359,900 that has 2,601 s.f.

A really nice home on Glenmeade went into Pending at a list price of $400,000. We saw that one on Caravan just 10 days ago, and it was certain to sell. Additionally, the property I liked on Rosecrest some months ago, with a nice existing Guest house completed, and a pad with a septic system installed, closed at $347,000

Some people are getting good buys.

In the entire Zip Code there were 12 new listings, five Pending and six homes Closed.

Another Local News Source in San Diego

Some of the real advantages of technology in news is that it is flexible, immediate and not length limited. Further, it is instantly colorful.

Those advantages lend themselves to community newspapers, on-line. The is one example but even smaller communities have now joined the club. Still smaller communities will follow.

The best news is that it gives good writers another outlet for their skills, and a lot of good writers have been “downsized” in the print and even the TV and radio business. In essence, it expands in a new direction an otherwise contracting market. New opportunities abound, but as in many startups, at a lower pay scale. I many cases I suspect the writers may be working for free, just to keep their name public.

Rancho Bernardo has its own page on San Diego News Network website ( ). Eventually, that may supplant, or more likely supplement, the Meadowlark, Tom Francl’s newsletter and my Blogs.

The demise of the printed newspaper is taking place before our eyes, but it will be a long and slow death, with community newspapers lasting the longest.