The Week In Review

Breaking News: The Executive Home on Canyon Country Lane, already a good buy, has been reduced to $799,000. That is a nice, gated single-story home, with a view and a guest house. Excellent home.

If all you looked at was the numbers, you might think the market was slowing – the Zip Code had 23 new listings and only 12 homes went into Pending.

That seems like too few Pending compared to recent ratios – but when you understand that the inventory is low, and still dropping, then Pendings will continue to be slow. There just isn’t a lot of inventory to choose from – actually there is but if Buyers are not dealing with local Realtors you may not find them. They are hidden. The local Realtors in this community – in ANY community – know the other homes that can be bought even those homes are not listed.

This was a good Realtors Caravan, any way you look at it. Nice houses, mostly good prices, great selection. There was not a “dog” in the bunch. Some homes were not my style, but they will be someone’s style, and all were ready for sale…well cleaned and immediately presentable. That is not always the case.

The $1,395,000 home on High Mountain was spectacular. The seller is a well-known local Interior Decorator (she did our home), and the home LOOKS like a professional decorator’s home. The separate guest house is a real plus, but I really think the location at the corner of High Mountain and High Vista is a major selling point.

The home on Meadows Glen Way East at $650,000 is beautiful, and the one on Meadow Glen Way East at $495,000 is an even better deal because it is right on the fairway of the golf course. Both MGWE homes are turn-key operations. The home on Glenmeade needs updating, but the home is beautiful and certainly livable during the updating. This home has terrific curb appeal. The Sage Hill listing is nice, but the floor plan does not flow for me. It does have a pool, which is either a plus or a minus depending upon your point of view.

One home closed escrow in the Zip Code and that was in the Meadows on Glenmeade, a 3/3 of 1,913 s.f. and it closed for $399,00. That was a nice home, and well worth the price. Although there are glowing and accurate accounts of rising median prices and lowering inventories, foreclosures also are increasing.

If that paints a confusing picture, there is a reason. The market is confusing to anyone who treats homes as investments. Those who treat homes as devices to keep the owner warm and dry in comfortable surroundings, find this market is a great deal less confusing.