So, how is the Meadows market?

It is about normal, with the exception that we have too many short sales and too many foreclosures – and the non-distressed homes have a bit of problem competing.

If they want to sell, they must compete.

If there is any solace for Buyers and Sellers, it is that distressed properties carry with their low prices the hassle of dealing with banks — and that makes non-distressed properties competitive if they are priced anywhere near the distressed properties.

There are a lot of homes that are not priced competitively, but that does not necessarily mean that the homes will not sell at a competitive price.

 ome Sellers just need an offer to get them off the dime. Even a low offer is a reality check for those who are badly overpriced, and we have some homes that are badly overpriced.

Tomorrow I’ll run the list of homes available.

November 14 Update

First, let me apologize for having been off this Blog for several months while I recovered from a five-way heart by-pass. It will take some time for my readership to return, and I understand that.

There were two new listings in the Meadows this past week. One oat 9642 Indian Creek, a 4/3 of 3,000 s.f. and at a price of $495,000. The other is at 28021 Grassy Way, a 3/2 of 1,766 s.f. for $570,000.

Just looking at the numbers, Grassy Way must be on an oil well, or a gold mine.

One home went into Pending…10546 Aspen Glen.

Two homes in the Meadows closed escrow – 28333 Glenmeade Way, 1,590 s.f.,  which closed at $350,000, and 9510 Sage Hill Way which closed at $725,000. The Sage Hill property closed at a high sales number because it had a pool, was 4,800+ s.f. and was on an especially large lot.