Weekly Update July 31

Three new listings this past week:

Price $ Address Est SF Beds Bath Stry Yr Blt #Ac Mkt Time $/SqFt
434,900 28215 Glenmeade Wy 2294 3 2 2 1982 4 190
599,000 9596 Meadow Mesa Dr 3319 3 3 1 1989 7 180
1,350,000 10133 Quail View Drive Dr 4382 3 3 1 1999 2.32 2 308

The Quail View Dr. home is a drop-dead terrific home. (And, no it is not my listing, or even a listing in my office.)

One home went into Pending on Pinion Trail in the Greystone area. It was listed at $469,900 and had been on the market for 65 days. A home at 9829 North View Court went into Pending while being listed at $579,000. It had been on the market for 182 days. A home at 28428 Fallen Tree went into Pending, having been listed at $339,900.  It had been on the market for 71 days.

Nothing closed during the week in The Meadows.

Lesson Learned

I have a great friend who at 90 has taken a turn downward, but is out of the hospital after four days and is back into the full-care part of her luxury retirement home.

10 years ago Jean and I were Durable Power of Attorney for an old family friend, and we took her through four full-care facilities – each time moving her up one level until we put her into the luxury facility my current friend is resting and recovering.

In all of this experience, there are “lessons Learned” that I might pass on to those who either face such facilities or have friends who do so.

First, in a full-care facility (ALL full-care facilities including luxury ones), the residents who get the most visitors get the best care. The workers respond to those who have someone, or many someones coming and going. (In less than luxury facilities, I got the best results by dressing in a three-piece suit. The workers didn’t know who I was, but they feared I was an attorney or someone who could cause them problems, and my ward got much better care)

In this vein, residents of retirement homes are loathe to visit their friends in the full-care portion of their own facilities – because it is depressing to see what they have in store – but those visits are the best insurance that their friends will get the best care and that they, in turn, will get better care.

Getting good care is difficult under the best circumstances. The nurses – even in the finest luxury facilities – are woefully underpaid. Many are single mothers who work two jobs and leave one facility after 8 hours to work another eight at another facility, just to keep body and soul together. It’s not that they don’t care about your friend – it is that they are overworked, underpaid and TIRED!

Be understanding of the worker’s plight, don’t berate them for supposed slights and do what you can to make your friend comfortable.

If anyone wants any comments about the facilities in and around Rancho Bernardo, send me an e-mail. .

Bet You Didn’t Know…

That there are two residential care facilities in the Meadows!  One is within the Meadows Covenant, but on several acres of view property, providing care for about six full-care residents.

Most people don’t know that we even have a few very large lots IN the Covenant. Most people think the Covenant ends at what once was obviously a cul-de-sac on Meadow Glen Way West.

Clue: It doesn’t!

Car Care in the Meadows

Because we are not in a place where we pass a car wash every day, it is wise to keep our cars clean during what may be long periods between car washes. I have been dedicated to keeping my cars looking good for many decades because of my real estate business, and I have usually had black or maroon luxury cars, which are very hard to keep clean.  My cars are used in Real Estate and must sparkle!

Here is a good method to avoid car washes for as long as possible. You can get five to six weeks easily between car washes with these suggestions. And in my case I have not seen the inside of a car wash for more than two years!

If you have a dusty car, or one with a few water spots or handprints, a Kozak Cloth has worked for me for fifty years. It is near magic, and can be bought in some car stores and easily by mail order. (6 South Lyon Street, Batavia, NY 14020.)

Buy a good supply of small terry towels at COSTCO.

For a slightly dirtier car, or one that is water spotted, I use a spray called Maguire’s Spray Detailer or EagleOne’s Wet Wipe and Shine, or Final Finish. For black cars, Maguire’s makes and “Extreme” extra-cost product that is superb.  Any of these will do something to put a smile on your face in 10 minutes without you getting wet. (During the summer months, it is not unusual to get caught by one of the golf course sprinklers as you come home late at night. You would not like to get your car washed each time this happens!)

The best product for glass is “Invisible Glass” by Stoner. You can get it at any car store like Pep Boys. The best product for leather is Lexol – the choice for saddles in horse competition.

Finally, if you want to wax your car, you can buy Mothers or Meguiar’s Carnauba (which lasts longer) – each works beautifully. Counter to intuition, Consumers Reports says that liquid wax products last longer than paste wax but if you have your cars waxed every two or three months as I do either will do the job well.

If you use these products, you will need far fewer, or no car washes. It is not the cost of the car washes that kills you, it is the time. It takes an hour and a half to drive to the Texaco or the Auto Park Car Wash, get the wash and come home. You can do a good job in 1/5 the time, get your needed exercise, and feel virtuous about saving time and money.

Or call Tony at 760-877-3990 who does GREAT (and very inexpensive) car detailing using theses exact products (I trained him!) & he does fine yard work as well!

Good Local Worker

Hidden Meadows is rural but not isolated. Still, it is not just around the corner to get all of the help we need or want.

We have many local people who do good work.

Tony at 877-3990 does GREAT car detailing & yard work!

He has done both my yard and my cars for several years, and I recommend him highly.

New, Fantastic Listing!

New listing today, and it is unusual for a Realtor to wax poetic about someone else’s listings, but a listing not my own is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous.

It is 10133 Quail View Drive, 4, 382 s.f.,  on 2.32 acres of fantastic cactus garden – and listed for $1,350,000. It is single-level.

I admit it. I love this home.

My new listing I will wax poetic about in a day or so when it actually hits the MLS, but for now, this Quail View is just one fantastic home.

Today’s Report

As of today, Dolphin Realty has $4,743,000 in Hidden Meadows listings – that is, as they say “a bunch.”

That number was increased substantially today when I listed the home on Faircrest for $1.395,000. It is a bit over 5,000 s.f. and it is an architectural marvel. There is nothing “common” in the house, but there is the very best of everything.

It is particularly impressive when you realize there are only two of us serving Hidden Meadows. (Linda Shreve and me.) We both live here, and work almost exclusively in Hidden Meadows.

There was no Realtors Caravan today.