Strange! At 2 p.m. on Sunday, I took a tour of the Meadows and there were no Open Houses.



Recent Meadows Home Sales

On Friday night when I looked at the number of homes in the Meadows that closed escrow in the past week, it was far fewer than when I look on Sunday morning!

A home at 10934 Rim Rd. (2651 s.f.) closed at  $400,000. A home at 10810 Meadow Glen Way East (2,528 s.f.) closed at $420,000. A home at 9643 Indian Creek (3,000 s.f) closed at $457,000. A home at 28313 Kettering (1,986 s.f.) closed at $465,000. A home at 10684 Carla Ct. (2,706 s.f.) closed escrow at $487,000.

That is an average sale price of $162 a square foot – and while $/s.f. is an INDICATOR, remember that these are custom homes” and $/s.f. is not NEARLY as useful as it is in tract homes. Custom homes are so different from each other, and that formulation does not take into account the difference in views, tile v. granite, swimming pools, and a host of other differences in location and quality.

But it IS an indicator.

Here is an other indicator: The average amount of time one of those five homes took to go into Pending was 117 days.

But just to give you some idea of why even that is not anything BUT an indicator, the range was 16 days to 202 days. That is important because the 16 days is HIGHLY misleading – it had been on the market previously and gone quickly into escrow – then fallen out when a SERIOUS defect was found. That defect was fixed at a great expense, and the home sold again, quickly – but the total time between listing and sale was many months, NOT the 16 days in the MLS.

All of this indicates why you need to seek the assistance of a qualified Hidden Meadows Realtor. We KNOW the details that simply the numbers do not necessarily indicate. If you don’t want to consider me, for whatever reason — I’ll give you the names of the local Realtors I would work with if I were looking for a Hidden Meadows Realtor. We are blessed with a handful.

Cover of Distinctive Homes

Distinctive Homes is one of those slick cover magazines that features the finest homes on the market, and this month my Hidden Meadows listing is on the cover.

The home is more than 6,000 s.f. and the property also has a Guest house and a fully finished, heated and air conditioned workshop that is almost 3,000 s.f. There are well over 11,000 s.f. under roof, all on more than eight acres with views forever from the top

Cover of Distinctive Homes

of the highest hill in Hidden Meadows. If you know anyone interested in purchasing such a property, the list price is $2,949,000 and the property is viewable in Distinctive Homes at and on with all of the information using 100038707 MLS #.

Past Seven Days in The Meadows

Five new listings, one Pending, and three homes closed escrow in the past seven days.

Details in due course.

That is an exceptional amount of activity for Hidden Meadows, but it runs counter to history in that at this time of year we should be diminishing our inventory. What is happening is that the “hidden inventory’ that has really been available for years is being listed in the hope for a better market.

The three homes that closed escrow were all in the $400-$500,000 range and that is a good week at any time of year but particularly at prices that indicate they were out of our usual lower-priced homes.

I do not see how we can escape having a Realtors Caravan this next Thursday.

Open House on Saturday

My teammate in the Hidden Meadows office held an Open House today – and she was the only Open House. (None of my listings permit Open Houses, but I am hoping for a listing soon that will let me do them.)

Being the only Open House in the Meadows means that our listing got ALL of the available traffic! (I love that!) Linda had eight couples by 3 p.m. and two of those had never been in The Meadows before, so it was her signs at “the bottom of the hill” that brought new potential Buyers into the Meadows.

That is important because we are an unknown community, and most of our residents like that – until the day they decide to sell their homes. Then, of course they want everyone to know we are here.

Realtors are not able to turn the knowledge of our community on and off like that, so it is nice to know first, that we had eight couples looking in the Meadows on a Saturday and that two of them did not know we were here.

The house that Linda had open is in the ‘sweet spot” for sales – under $400,000. If it does not sell this week, Jean and I will open it next weekend because Linda will be unavailable.