The Past 24 Hours in Real Estate

No new listings in The Meadows in the past day, but there were two homes that went into “Pending.”

A home at 28223 Red Stone Lane, and a home at 11017 Meadow Glen Way East went into Pending.

No homes closed escrow.

Realtor Caravan

We had a Realtors Caravan today, with six new listings visited. Only the listing on High Mountain was anything special, and it is overpriced in my opinion, and my wife says nothing caught her fancy, either.

That does not necessarily mean a lot. Next time you are on the freeway, notice how few cars are your same make, model, year and color. We all have vastly different tastes so I try to judge homes by their condition vs their value.

If all a Buyer is looking for is a home that will keep them warm and dry, almost any home will do. But Buyers DO want more than that. What they are individually looking for, the Realtor seldom knows at first, so the Realtor must rely on verbal communication.

That is seldom enough. Only after showing several, or many homes does a Realtor divine form non-verbal communication what is a hot-button issue primarily to the woman, and secondarily to the mate. (It always helps if the couple have discussed what they agree upon they are looking for, before they see a Realtor.)

So, just because a house does not impress my wife or me, is not dispositive of whether a home is “good” or “bad.” Our taste doesn’t count, only the Buyer can make that decision.

Must Be a Mistake! Only 60 San Diego County Schools?

State Declares More Than 60 Local Schools in State of Emergency

Posted: Thursday, July 15, 2010 3:54 pm | Updated: 4:23 pm, Thu Jul 15, 2010.

“More than 60 schools in San Diego County were declared to be in a state of emergency today by the California State Board of Education because of their test scores, a step that allows their students to enroll in other schools.

The controversial emergency declaration is supposed to accelerate a new law that allows students in 1,000 of California’s lowest performing schools to transfer to other schools with higher test scores, including schools in other districts. It states that the move is “necessary to avoid serious harm to the public peace, health, safety, or general welfare” of students.”

Comment: California schools rating by the US Department of Education (National Report Card) says California ranks 45th, 46th, 47th and 48th — scored on 4th and 8th grades, Math and Reading.  There could not be 60 GOOD schools in ALL of California! (Tests in previous years in Writing and Science have shown California schools with the same dismal results!)

The one category in which California stands #1 — absolutely the highest in the nation — is TEACHER SALARIES!

(If you think there may be something anomalous here — join the club.)