Hidden Meadows Community Foundation Scholarship Awards Dinner

Last night, Jean and I attended the Scholarship awards for the Hidden Meadows Community Foundation at the Meadow’s DG Steak House.  (I founded the Community Foundation about 10 years ago.)

Four highly qualified children or grandchildren of Meadows residents were give scholarships for their chosen universities – Arizona State and Cal Berkeley among them.

I urge everyone to donate to the excellent work overseen by Meadows volunteers in the Hidden Meadows Community Foundation.

“Out of Escondido”

O.k. – it’s time for a jihad! The lost hiker who disappeared in Hidden Meadows while jogging several days ago was tragically found dead this morning near Mountain Meadows Road north of Meadow Glen Way East.

That is a tragedy, and nothing can be done to save him – although had he stumbled to ANY house in the area he would have been able to save himself. As a foreigner who did not know the area, he did not know this area is VERY friendly.

No my ire today is about the reporting as of noon today – Ch. 6 got our location in the County correct. Ch. 8 called us “in Escondido” as did the San Diego Union. I e-mailed both of them to inform them that we are NOT in Escondido, but rather a County board of Supervisor designated “Country Town” and in the unincorporated County!

Ch. 8 compounded the problem by also saying it was near Mountain Glen while SHOWING a signpost that read Meadow Glen, and then stumbled further by saying the hiker died in ‘triple-digit temperatures.” Fine, except the HIGHEST temperature logged by the Hidden Meadows Observatory, less than 500 yards from the place the hiker died, was 96 degrees!

If there ever was a time to begin a movement to have Hidden Meadows become part of the “sphere of influence” of Fallbrook, rather than Escondido. Escondido is a city – the largest in North County and we are rural, much like Fallbrook. Bonsal, under Fallbrook’s “sphere of influence” is contiguous to us.

The reason we are even considered to be in Escondido is that we have a Zip code that also has the County Club area of Escondido within it.

But we also have a Valley Center phone prefix, and we are served by the Valley Center Water and Sewer Department and we are also not part of Valley Center!

As a species, we are “Out of Africa.”

It is time to be “Out of Escondido.”