New Listing in the Meadows

A new listing in the past 24 hours at 28215 Gkenmeade Way. $434,900. 3/2 and 2,294 s.f.

It looks as if we will not have a Thursday Realtors Caravan this week, but likely will have one next week.

The History of The History of Hidden Meadows

In checking the “Most Visited” statistics of my website, it turns out that several projects face me, but at least two can be immediately addressed.

The first is that one of my “Most Visited” sites is the History of Hidden Meadows – and that book was too hidden on my site, so I have moved it up to a more prominent position, and the new link will be at the end of this short Blog.

That book was written some years ago by Hazel Early, and Hazel was (appropriately) an “early” resident. By the time I arrived in 1994, her “history” was being passed around from resident to resident on folded paper, having been written on a typewriter and mimeographed.

I got a copy of it, and asked an old local Realtor with whom I hung my license to ask Hazel if she would loan me the original so I could convert it to a computer manuscript. She was happy to do so, and I went to work.

At the time, I was Core Adjunct Professor of Computer Science so I ran the foolscap pages through an early OCR program on my computer. Back in those days OCR programs (optical character recognition) were not very good – in fact they were awful, so it took a lot of work to convert the words into readable electronic format. Additionally, the copy needed editing.

Although I have published more than 2,000 columns in Rancho Bernardo and Poway over the past 30 consecutive years, I have an editor. I am not an editor. Writing and editing are two very different skills, but I eventually got it done.

Once it was done, the question was, “What do we do to make it available?”

This was before the Web was useful and widely available, so I went to that old-time Meadows Realtor – Perry Mills – and suggested that he take my camera-ready art and publish it for the residents in booklet form, and he did.

A few – a very few – of those booklets still exist, but more importantly it exists on my website for reading and I will soon reproduce the actual booklet on the website in printable Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format as well.

But it turns out that some 2,000 people have managed to find the copy hidden on my website even as well as I inadvertently managed to hide it.

It is now easily found at: