New, Fantastic Listing!

New listing today, and it is unusual for a Realtor to wax poetic about someone else’s listings, but a listing not my own is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous.

It is 10133 Quail View Drive, 4, 382 s.f.,  on 2.32 acres of fantastic cactus garden – and listed for $1,350,000. It is single-level.

I admit it. I love this home.

My new listing I will wax poetic about in a day or so when it actually hits the MLS, but for now, this Quail View is just one fantastic home.

Today’s Report

As of today, Dolphin Realty has $4,743,000 in Hidden Meadows listings – that is, as they say “a bunch.”

That number was increased substantially today when I listed the home on Faircrest for $1.395,000. It is a bit over 5,000 s.f. and it is an architectural marvel. There is nothing “common” in the house, but there is the very best of everything.

It is particularly impressive when you realize there are only two of us serving Hidden Meadows. (Linda Shreve and me.) We both live here, and work almost exclusively in Hidden Meadows.

There was no Realtors Caravan today.