Great Hawaii Airlines Deal

Hawaiian Airlines has a GREAT sale going on until the end of the month. $322, round trip to ANY ISLAND! You must book this month and travel before mid November.

If you are considering Kauai check out my website for recommendations – Jean and I are experts on that island and I have written thousands of words on the history, culture and politics of the island – but more importantly I tell you where the best hamburgers an mai tai can be found.


No Caravan

There will apparently be no Realtors Caravan tomorrow.  We need three new home that are willing to participate, and we only have two.

Warm Here, Hot Everywhere Else

Although the “official” Escondido temperature was 96 today, the Hidden Meadows temperature as measured at the Boulder Knolls Observatory was 92.5. This is PROBABLY due to Hidden Meadows being rural, and not susceptible to the “heat sink” effect of city streets and concrete, and of course Hidden Meadows is at 1,500 feet above sea level – many hundreds of feet above Escondido.