New Listing

New Listing: 27601 High Vista Dr, 3 Bedrooms, on 1.1 acres for $519,000

Hot, Hot, Hot!

The absolute high in Hidden Meadows (Boulder Knolls Observatory) yesterday was 106.5 degrees, but the TV says that the “official Escondido” temperature (US Weather Bureau) was 111

(Boy, that is hot! Either number!)

But more importantly, it again demonstrates that our 1,500 foot elevation in Hidden Meadows is a temperature mitigation elevation.

Of course, at these temperatures it makes little difference – except for bragging rights!

Price Reduction

A Price Reduction: 10111 Circle P Ln 3 Bedrooms, $849,000 (I consider this a good buy! 3,168 sf custom, gated 2+ acre estate with ocean views and real privacy!)

It Was HOT!

The high today rebounded to a record 106.5 degrees in the Meadows.


Monday’s Real Estate Activity

Price Change 28720 Sandhurst Wy, 4 Bedrooms on 8.50 acres, a “short sale” at $749,000. (This home was listed for $1,390,000 in 2006!

Price Reduced! 10350 Oak Ranch Ln. 3 Bedrooms, Price reduced to $349,900

Hottest Day of the Year!

As I write this, the high in Hidden Meadows is 103.1 – easily the high for the year. (Escondido is registering 106.7!)

The high for tomorrow is predicted to be 88 in “Escondido” – and if the usual delta holds, that means 86 for us.

This was not – fortunately – a Santa Ana. We didn’t have the winds, and that is the main problem with our ever-threatening wildfires.

Of course we are not out of the wildfire woods yet – we have many weeks to go.

We just dodged one bullet. You have to be thankful for what you get.

And Another Price Reduction (Think there is a message here?)

Price Reduction 9596 Meadow Mesa Dr,  3 Bedrooms, has been reduced to $479,000