First Caravan in a Month

There are really bad Realtor Caravans, really good ones, and several grades in-between.

This was a particularly good caravan. In this market I always ask myself if it is worthwhile to go on a caravan, but I wanted to see several of the eight homes, so I went.

Just one great home would have been sufficient, and this caravan included the home I most love in the Meadows. The home at 10133 Quail View has it all at 4,382 s.f. – single level, terrific design, great execution, absolutely superb landscaping, gated with privacy and views. I can find no fault with this home listed at $1,250,000.

Then there is a tract home at 27747 Willow Trail in the Greystone development that is drop-dead excellent. 3,266 s.f. for $499,888. Certainly the class of the under $500,000 market right now, and got a lot of rave reviews from the Realtors I heard remark on it.

The “Betweener” of these two excellent buys is a fine home at 10111 Circle P Lane. Great entry, terrific views, nice design, fantastic pool and certainly well-priced at $970,000.

With eight homes on the caravan, there was something for everyone but these three homes stood out in some way.

The overall theme I gathered was that the pricing was “appropriate” for most of the homes on the caravan. The home at $350,000 was worth just under $350,000. The home just under $1 million was worth just under $1 million. It is not unusual to hear gripes by touring Realtors about overpriced homes.

I heard none of this today.

It was a good day.

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