A Critical Mass

Normally, this sort of comment is relegated to my political blog, but the subject matter is so important to the real estate industry that I will reprise it here. Parents who can, buy homes in high-performing school districts, leaving most students in less than optimal conditions.

There is a new documentary in the works by the Director of An Inconvenient Truth, and you can tell it’s good because American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten is already trashing Waiting for Superman

“There are more than 3 million teachers working in our 130,000 public schools. Are there bad teachers? Of course there are, just as there are bad accountants, and lawyers, and actors. I wish there were none.”

Duh! The difference is that bad everythings get fired – but teachers don’t! In fact the very AFT president, Randi Weingarten, has been one of those union leaders manning the pass against the LA Times ranking of 6,000 teachers in 250 LA schools so the parents will know who the bad teachers are!

As I was typing this Blog, my wife , who never watches Oprah and certainly never tells me when she does – called me in to watch Oprah and Bill Gates discuss Waiting For Superman. Since I had already seen the trailer, which you can watch by clicking on the link above, what I learned is that apparently Time Magazine featured this movie on Sept. 8 of this year, and the movie opens on Friday of this week.

We can only hope that there is developing a critical mass of people who have had enough of this failed public school system

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