Government Not In Your Bedroom, But In Your A/C Unit

Remember when the EcoFreaks wanted paper bags replaced by plastic bags, and now plastic bags replaced by cloth bags?

Remember when Freon was banned as a refrigerant, and was replaced by R-22? Well they want that nasty R-22 they first demanded, replaced by something called R-410!

This year there will be no more R-22 air conditioners made – they will all be R-410. For a five year period repairs may be made on R-22 equipment, and then if you have a problem you will need to replace the A/C with a newly made R-410 unit.

We once had industry-designed “planned obsolesce,” or at least that is what was rumored. I suspect that manufacturers simply did not have the technology to give us longer-running equipment, but technology has made things run longer.

Now we have government-designed “planned obsolesce.” No matter how well-made equipment is, the government will demand that it be replaced!

Here Comes The Next Financial Crises

The news that foreclosures are being stopped by lenders in many states – not necessarily California – because of legal problems with the lender’s methodologies, is going to have SERIOUS economic implications.

In many states, judges must approve the seizure of a home, and in many states a growing group of judges is having problems with the paperwork submitted by the lenders.

California does not insert judges into the process, and while that may not implicate judges automatically, there is noting to forbid judges from inserting themselves into the process, so California may not be spared from what may become a nation-wide meltdown.

While no one denies that most of those foreclosed upon were over their heads and did not pay their bills, there appears to be technical questions about the paperwork that may halt the foreclosure process for millions, and compensate millions more.

First, this will undoubtedly extend the pain of the recovery because there will be more people remaining in homes for which they pay nothing, bankrupting lenders who can’t sell the home or collect the payments – and in the end the lenders will need still more taxpayer money to stay alive.

In order to keep the financial institutions in business and escape a world-wide financial meltdown (remember that one?), the taxpayers will have to pay for millions of people to remain in their homes, payment free!

Is this a great country, or what?