We have had 1.31 inches of rain this month, and the temperature dropped last night to 37.2 degrees.

That is cold no matter how you slice it.  Expecting 39 degrees last night we covered most of the sensitive plants — you can buy special plastic at farm stores or over the internet — and we are still expecting cold for the next few nights.

34 Degrees is anticipated Friday night. My lovely wife from New England starts fires in our Soapstone stove when the first clouds appear in October, so we are well through our first cord of wood and well into the first package of coffee beans as we fire up the Expresso machine for the winter.

The work on my listing next door continues apace, with grouting being done on the outside entry tile by Tony who never seems to take a day off. We will feed him a full Thanksgiving meal today…

All real estate activity dies from now until Christmas, then January brings us too much rain for much activity.

Caravan Today

After weeks of having no Realtors Caravan, we finally had one today.

(We should not have bothered…but we Meadows Realtors treat the opportunity as a social time to see each other.)

We had five houses on the “tour” and, although there is a house for everyone, only one met my personal requirements for design, location, cleanliness, and price. (In general, this one was at the peak of a Bell-Shaped Curve.)

Of the five homes, three were “short sales” and one was vacant…that alone tells you all you need to know about the market.

The one I liked was at 28436 Happy Lilac. It is 2,848 s,f,,  4+/3.5 on 1.15 acres with a nice view and built in 2000. A nice property. It was listed for $579,900



Newton’s First Law of Motion Works in Real Estate Also

The impetus for movement in the San Diego real estate market is Maude and John in Minneapolis — who, in February have had it with snow. “Maude, that is the last shovelful I’ll ever shovel!”)

If Maude and John have money because they sold their bodega, they will move to San Diego and “move the market.” If they don’t have money, they will move to Florida.

Maude and John are only a few, but it only takes a few to move a market that otherwise is sitting in houses they no longer want and are willing to move within the market to another home.

Unfortunately, there is no one to buy Maud and John’s home in the upper Mid-West to start the cycle. In fact the nation has a 104 MONTH national inventory. If the feds were smart they could stimulate the lower-priced market in the upper Mid-West and that would start the cycle everywhere else with the lowest taxpayer investment.

“Objects at rest tend to stay at rest until acted upon by an outside force” is the way I recall Newton’s First Law of Motion.

Estate Sales

I learned a lot today about “estate sales.” At least I leaned a lot about how Professional Estate Sales, as opposed to “garage sales” are organized.

First, the reason I learned is tat I have the house next to mine ready for sale, but the owner has died and his estate is being settled. The family members have taken the personal items they want and the remainder has been left to an Estate Sale group to organize so I can put the house on the market.

(This is all new to me – in 32 years I have not handled such a sale – all of my sales have been with living people and I have not had the experience of representing an estate.

A professional group of people have come in, organized a mess I personally thought was beyond organization, priced each item, grouped them, photographed them and put them on a county-wide website representing many estate sales by day and date.

Apparently, professional estate sales people – and their buyers – follow the website, and in some cases are able to “reserve” items on the website before the date of sale.

In this particular case, the estate used Jan Jessie Jocoy of Del Mar, and apparently she has several teams who work for her. And, apparently she is a stickler for the ethics of the profession – once an item is described and photographed to be on sale nothing and no one can sneak in and get an item until the opening time of the estate sale – and then you had better be in line with everyone else.

I find that refreshing…there are a set of known rules and they are not broken. I simply did not know the rules, and when a contractor working for me to prepare the home for sale spotted an item he wanted the day before the sale, I sent the team an e-mail.

They said: “Great! Be there in line when the sale begins.”

It seems that if they pre-sell items, then the people who follow them on the website will get the message that what they “buy” or “reserve” on-line will not actually be available to them when the time comes, and so will stop following the sales.


Makes sense to me – but at 6; 30 a.m. we had not heard back from the previous night e-mail and Jean took $275 in cash and went over to save the contractor from having to drive up here when we are right next door.

“Please return at 8:20 and stand in line.”

We were on a learning curve. These people are professionals. They know their business, they follow the rules and expect the buyers to do the same.

Good for them! I’ll use them again, and next time I’ll know what is going on a lot better.

Jan Jessie Jocoy

(760) 402-2173

(All types of Antiques, Fine Art, Residential Contents, Tribal Art)


Also Coordinating Was:


We Organize You



I was impressed with both of these organizations