Today’s Realtor Caravan

We had a good Realtors Caravan today, with a nice selection of homes – four.

Inside the Covenant the home of choice was on Treeside Lane, one of my favorite cul-de-sac streets. Nice house, nice street, nice views.

Then outside the Covenant, there was a great buy on Engleman Oaks. Beautiful house, great price.  One of the problems on Burned Oak is the entry…it is a bit more rural than you would expect for a part of the community that has some terrific homes further on.

Let’s just say that some of the original homes out of the Covenant have not been “gentrified” at the same rate as some of the newer homes.

There are parts of the community – Cervexa Baja, High Vista, Lotus Pond come immediately to mind – where the homes are all upscale. Then there are parts of the community – Happy Lilac Trail, and Quiet Hollow jump to mind – where gentrification has lagged.

Many areas outside the Covenant are a mixed bag. You cab see a million-dollar home across the street from someone who came up in the 60s to grow….well, something, and with the eventual advent of Prop. 13 providing cover, property taxes never forced a sale.

Burned Oak area is not that bad, but it is difficult to sell a million dollar house next to a home that has not kept up with the times, or in the case of Burned Oak is horse property – not bad horse property, but not really upscale horse property.

The Burned Oak street, BTW was named because there was a center island on the road with an old oak that had been struck by lightening, and had burned. It must have been about 10 years ago that the old oak fell – right on the rented moving van of a client of the real estate office I was managing at the time.

There is no little traffic on that road, and the bad luck of having that tree finally fall on a truck…well, just plain bad luck.

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