Real Estate Market Measurements

If the traffic through our Open House is any indication, the “Season” may have started.

To put everything in perspective, during the “good times” it was considered a “good day” at an Open House when we got six to eight visitors.

Earlier this year, we had several days with zero visitors.

On Saturday, we had four. On Sunday, three. This was the first weekend with two days of really nice weather, and that is important. We will still have weekends that are slowed because of weather, and it is possible that the RELATIVELY heavy traffic this past weekend was the result of pent-up demand from the weeks of poor weather.

We will be able to tell in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, one measure of the market potential is the number of flyers that disappear from the front of the house and from our puka at the Deli.

The disappearance of flyers in those storied “good times” was dependent upon whether the house was on a major thoroughfare, and since my flyers are among the most expensive made I keep an eye on them. I have had an AVERAGE of more than two flyers disappear a day – so many that I was suspicious that someone was selling collections of flyers on E-Bay – but right now it is two flyers every three days. That has not yet picked up.