Did You Know:

Did You Know: That Hidden Meadows has a well-known and celebrated Watercolor Artist, Pam Brasel, who has had many one-artist shows and she teaches watercolor art at the Pavilion?


My wife and I are pleased to be the proud owners of two of her largest paintings, “Hidden Meadows” (how appropriate) and “From the office” – the view of the Meadows as seen from a former competitor’s office (Cliff Krueger.)

Since these watercolors hung in our now-closed real estate office before we moved the office home, they are far too large for our home walls – walls filled with originals from another Watercolor Artist – Pete Bucher, the Commanding Officer of the ill-fated USS Pueblo.

The two watercolors from Pam are hanging in the listing we have on Meadow Glen Way East, where we, and the Open House visitors can enjoy them during weekend Open Houses. One couple came by last week to see them to evaluate commissioning Pam to do a special watercolor – they were impressed!

(So am I.)

When the listing on Meadow Glen Way East sells, we will place the Brasel Watercolors on loan to the Pavilion, where everyone can enjoy them.