Saturday Open House

Today was an interesting Open House in that we had two relatively serious Buyers, and that raises the question as to why other Realtors do not do more Open Houses! (Particularly in a market where Buyers are pure gold!)

Now, I understand why most Realtors do not do Saturday Open Houses (they are certainly less well visited than the more anticipated Sunday Open Houses), and I am not certain I would do as many if my wife didn’t sit them with me. She no longer has her licensee, but that is because we are always together.

We don’t know if there were any other Open Houses in the Meadows because we set up before anyone else and take down after the normal times, but we doubt there were any other Open Houses.

I spent the day writing FAQ, Frequently Asked Question about the Meadows, that I will publish both on the CD I am developing about the Meadows (Version 1.0 of the CD is already done and being distributed, because something is better than nothing) and I’ll put it on the blog in a day or so as well. With a five-hour Open House each weekend day, I get a lot of writing and designing done on my iPAD, while listening to music on my iPHONE connected to a speaker system.

No reason to be uncomfortable or less productive just because we are “working.”