Best Local Housing Analysis

This interesting excerpt written by Rich Toscano  from addresses the current San Diego County housing situation as usually noted in the press, using the Case-Shiller index:

“The Case-Shiller numbers I usually report on are not seasonally adjusted: they make no attempt to compensate for the fact that prices tend to be stronger in spring and summer than in fall and winter.  This is good in that it shows us the actual degree of price changes taking place (or an estimate thereof, anyway), which is obviously interesting.  The problem is that it’s harder to ascertain the underlying trend: if prices are going up in the spring, for instance (as now), is it simply due to the typical underlying seasonal pressures, or would prices still be rising absent those pressures? “

I commend Rick’s analysis of Case-Shiller, which is the best technical index available. He actually understands numbers.

Those of us “in the industry” understand our own market, in my case Hidden Meadows, and any small slice of a market may, at any given time, be running with or against the tide but we are still influenced by the larger market. It is a fact that any individual agent may be on a hot streak, or a cold one and to that agent the “market” he or she sees is very different.

But for general technical knowledge of the San Diego market, you can’t beat Rick Toscano at