This Blog will give Allen Hemphill’s analysis of the Hidden Meadows real estate market, and is a forum for questions, answers. musings, and general information about Hidden Meadows.

The Meadows



Hidden Meadows is our name, but the Residents just call it “The Meadows.”


We have about 1,300 custom homes in The Meadows, about half of them surrounding the golf course and about half in a less formal setting. Additionally, we have some 203 semi-custom homes built by Greystone Homes.


We have no stop lights and are not anxious to get our first one.


The 550 custom homes around the golf course are referred to as being “In the Covenant” because they are under a strong set of Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions (CC&Rs) controlled by The Meadows Homes Association. These homes are basically on quarter-acre lots, all have Cox Cable available, and all have sewer.


The homes “Out of the Covenant” are generally on more than an acre, usually on septic systems, and have little cable TV available to them.


Everyone in “The Meadows” may belong to the Association of Resident Owners (ARO). That group organizes the social activities of the area including the Newcomers Club, a computer club, several bridge clubs, garden club and many other activities.


We also have a few condos (60), and a few town homes (24) The town homes are stand-alone, two-story homes in a small gated community with 6 acres of shared land and their own swimming pool.


Although many residents have been, or still are, in charge of something, no one is in charge of Hidden Meadows. We don’t have a Mayor. (Don’t want one either.) We are “run” strictly by volunteers, and we have our own Community Foundation that provides funding for needed projects from money raised within the community. (I was the Founder of the Foundation.)


We are officially designated a “Country Town” by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, but we don’t think many of them know where we are.


Good! We hope we can keep it that way.


The community was developed in the 60’s by Republic Development, and their slogan at the time was “It’s too perfect to change,” so rather than laying out the community in a grid pattern they just paved the cow paths. Consequently it is pretty easy to get lost – you are advised to call me for a one-hour, “Four Corners” tour. The community is very large, somewhat complicated and has a lot of cul-de-sac streets.


My wife and I love giving the tour. We live and work right here in the Meadows, and have for 15 years

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