Today’s Realtor Caravan

We had a good Realtors Caravan today, with a nice selection of homes – four.

Inside the Covenant the home of choice was on Treeside Lane, one of my favorite cul-de-sac streets. Nice house, nice street, nice views.

Then outside the Covenant, there was a great buy on Engleman Oaks. Beautiful house, great price.  One of the problems on Burned Oak is the entry…it is a bit more rural than you would expect for a part of the community that has some terrific homes further on.

Let’s just say that some of the original homes out of the Covenant have not been “gentrified” at the same rate as some of the newer homes.

There are parts of the community – Cervexa Baja, High Vista, Lotus Pond come immediately to mind – where the homes are all upscale. Then there are parts of the community – Happy Lilac Trail, and Quiet Hollow jump to mind – where gentrification has lagged.

Many areas outside the Covenant are a mixed bag. You cab see a million-dollar home across the street from someone who came up in the 60s to grow….well, something, and with the eventual advent of Prop. 13 providing cover, property taxes never forced a sale.

Burned Oak area is not that bad, but it is difficult to sell a million dollar house next to a home that has not kept up with the times, or in the case of Burned Oak is horse property – not bad horse property, but not really upscale horse property.

The Burned Oak street, BTW was named because there was a center island on the road with an old oak that had been struck by lightening, and had burned. It must have been about 10 years ago that the old oak fell – right on the rented moving van of a client of the real estate office I was managing at the time.

There is no little traffic on that road, and the bad luck of having that tree finally fall on a truck…well, just plain bad luck.

Caravan Today

After weeks of having no Realtors Caravan, we finally had one today.

(We should not have bothered…but we Meadows Realtors treat the opportunity as a social time to see each other.)

We had five houses on the “tour” and, although there is a house for everyone, only one met my personal requirements for design, location, cleanliness, and price. (In general, this one was at the peak of a Bell-Shaped Curve.)

Of the five homes, three were “short sales” and one was vacant…that alone tells you all you need to know about the market.

The one I liked was at 28436 Happy Lilac. It is 2,848 s,f,,  4+/3.5 on 1.15 acres with a nice view and built in 2000. A nice property. It was listed for $579,900



First Caravan in a Month

There are really bad Realtor Caravans, really good ones, and several grades in-between.

This was a particularly good caravan. In this market I always ask myself if it is worthwhile to go on a caravan, but I wanted to see several of the eight homes, so I went.

Just one great home would have been sufficient, and this caravan included the home I most love in the Meadows. The home at 10133 Quail View has it all at 4,382 s.f. – single level, terrific design, great execution, absolutely superb landscaping, gated with privacy and views. I can find no fault with this home listed at $1,250,000.

Then there is a tract home at 27747 Willow Trail in the Greystone development that is drop-dead excellent. 3,266 s.f. for $499,888. Certainly the class of the under $500,000 market right now, and got a lot of rave reviews from the Realtors I heard remark on it.

The “Betweener” of these two excellent buys is a fine home at 10111 Circle P Lane. Great entry, terrific views, nice design, fantastic pool and certainly well-priced at $970,000.

With eight homes on the caravan, there was something for everyone but these three homes stood out in some way.

The overall theme I gathered was that the pricing was “appropriate” for most of the homes on the caravan. The home at $350,000 was worth just under $350,000. The home just under $1 million was worth just under $1 million. It is not unusual to hear gripes by touring Realtors about overpriced homes.

I heard none of this today.

It was a good day.

Realtors Caravan This Thursday

The list for the Realtors Caravan is out. There are eight houses on the list — an unusually high number that reflects not just new listings but listings several weeks old that were not ready for a horde of Realtors to traipse through.

Many houses go on the market when the Owner is not quite ready for viewing.

Eight is a full morning for this Thursday. The prices of the houses ranges from $439,000 to $1,350,000, and the $/s.f. from $130 to $308.

Today’s Report

As of today, Dolphin Realty has $4,743,000 in Hidden Meadows listings – that is, as they say “a bunch.”

That number was increased substantially today when I listed the home on Faircrest for $1.395,000. It is a bit over 5,000 s.f. and it is an architectural marvel. There is nothing “common” in the house, but there is the very best of everything.

It is particularly impressive when you realize there are only two of us serving Hidden Meadows. (Linda Shreve and me.) We both live here, and work almost exclusively in Hidden Meadows.

There was no Realtors Caravan today.

New Listing in the Meadows

A new listing in the past 24 hours at 28215 Gkenmeade Way. $434,900. 3/2 and 2,294 s.f.

It looks as if we will not have a Thursday Realtors Caravan this week, but likely will have one next week.

Realtor Caravan

We had a Realtors Caravan today, with six new listings visited. Only the listing on High Mountain was anything special, and it is overpriced in my opinion, and my wife says nothing caught her fancy, either.

That does not necessarily mean a lot. Next time you are on the freeway, notice how few cars are your same make, model, year and color. We all have vastly different tastes so I try to judge homes by their condition vs their value.

If all a Buyer is looking for is a home that will keep them warm and dry, almost any home will do. But Buyers DO want more than that. What they are individually looking for, the Realtor seldom knows at first, so the Realtor must rely on verbal communication.

That is seldom enough. Only after showing several, or many homes does a Realtor divine form non-verbal communication what is a hot-button issue primarily to the woman, and secondarily to the mate. (It always helps if the couple have discussed what they agree upon they are looking for, before they see a Realtor.)

So, just because a house does not impress my wife or me, is not dispositive of whether a home is “good” or “bad.” Our taste doesn’t count, only the Buyer can make that decision.